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Graphic Cheatsheet V2 - The Palettes


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Our goal is to create a functional purpose within a deck of playing cards (so not just cards with a pretty face! 😆), we wanted to keep the color aspect (as we think color naturally helps spark inspiration and creates a mood) and also some how integrate useful references that can be used on a daily basis, whether you are a Graphic Designer or someone who maybe look into that career pathway. At the same time we wanted to keep things simple so that anyone who picks up this deck can instantly understand its purpose (that is quite a challenging checklist!).  After testing several concepts, we ended up with The Palettes. 

Product Details

• Graphic Design Tool

• Limited Print Run of 1700 Decks

• Manufactured By USPCC in USA


Actual colours may vary. This is due to computer monitors displaying colours differently and everyone can see these colours differently.