The Exploration

Explorers of the world are always pushing the boundaries, venturing into the uncharted territories.

The Exploration Playing Cards will be the first Deckidea Playing Cards that provides an Augmented Reality experience.*

Official Pre-Launch Page

Launching On Kickstarter on 9 Nov 2021 


Special Features

The Treasure Chest

The Half Brick Box is covered entirely in Gold foil. Each Half Brick Box will include 5 Standard Decks and 1 Blue Gilded Deck.         

Covered Entirely In Gold Foil

All sides of the tuck box feature Gold Foil decorative details. \There will only be 2700 of these available.

Future Classic

Modern reinterpretations of the traditional J,Q,K. Functional court cards for magic and playing card games.


The Ace will trigger Augmented Reality animation, makes your card flourishing looks even better on camera.

Sapphire Blue

Each Half Brick Box will include a Blue Gilded Deck. There are only 210 of these available. 

Sapphire Blue

Each one of these Blue Gilded version features a Blue unique numbered seal sticker.


* Augmented Reality only works when the playing cards are use in conjunction with the Deckidea AR app. Available for both IOS and Android.